Christopher Chelpka

Isaac Watts Impresses Me

Whenever I read Isaac Watts, I feel like I see in him the kind of pastoral disposition I want.

His heart is always evident, but he’s never effusive. He’s a careful scholar, but for a broad audience. He is creative in the theological connections he makes, but he’s never wild. A good example of this last one is the connection he makes between the Trinity and the office of deacon in his book on the Christian church. He says, in part,

let them remember and rejoice, that they represent the Character of our Lord Jesus, as he is intrusted with all Supplies from the Hands of the Father, and distributing unto the Church invisible.

In case you’re curious, here’s an outline of the rest of his sermon on deacons:

  1. the office (the work of deacons, the reason for the office, the duration of the office, the way in which they become installed),
  2. how they may perform their duties well,
  3. encouragements in the task.