Christopher Chelpka

A Pastoral Rule for Today

I finished reading A Pastoral Rule for Today: Reviving an Ancient Practice. Drawing lessons from pastors of the past, the authors show how pastors today need structure in their ministries and suggest ideas toward that end. There were major and minor lessons throughout the book and lots of overlap (in a good way). Here were some major lessons:

  • On the importance of theological friendship from Augustine.
  • On the conduct of ministers among other pastors and among the congregation from Bendict.
  • On the dual duties of service and contemplation from Gregory the Great.
  • On the specific structures and practices of doing pastoral ministry jointing from Calvin.
  • On the value rich conversation and the care required for edifying speech from Wesley.
  • On the significance of disciplined and devotional study from Newman.
  • On the education of seminarians in the context of community from Bonhoeffer.