Christopher Chelpka


I frequently recommend and update the things on this page. Are these affiliate links? Nope.

Bible Study

Church Government


Introducing Christianity

Language Learning

Marriage and Family

Ordained Offices

Orthodox Presbyterianism


  • 21 Prayers for Mealtime is a list of prayers I found in a family Bible and then updated for you.
  • A Way to Pray teaches you how to pray using the words of the Bible. This is a good way to learn theology.



Sharing the Gospel

Some Core Biblical Concerns



  • START HERE -» Digital Minimalism is for sanity.
  • Accordance is for computer-assisted Bible study.
  • Bible Vocab App is for memorizing Greek and Hebrew vocabulary from the Bible.
  • Brave is for browsing the web.
  • DuckDuckGo is for searching the web.
  • Feedbin is for following blogs (RSS/JSON), Twitter feeds, and even email newsletters in one place.
  • iPad Pro is the cheapest Apple laptop—that’s one way to look at it—and is good for so much.
  • is for blogging and microblogging.
  • Notebooks App is for all my writing and note-taking, which I do using Markdown.
  • ProtonMail is for email.

Thinking and Working

Using Words Well

Various Anthologies