Christopher Chelpka



My reading log represents some of my interests, and I’m currently on the following learning adventures.

  • how to write beautiful American Cursive
  • a working knowledge of Trust-Based Relationship Intervention
  • how to better lead gatherings of people

Learn With Me

I also learn by teaching and am currently teaching the following courses.

Essential Questions is a Sunday morning group fitness class for your soul. We work together as a class and in small groups through bite-sized pieces of the Christian faith in a fun and interactive way. Lots of Bible and the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Join the course anytime.

Covenant Life is a crash (micro-)course in Covenant Theology leading to specific implications for life in Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Join the course.

Going Deeper is (1) an online reading group plus (2) an ongoing series of in-person discussions focused on thinking and praying through particular questions in theology as well as their implications. Join one or both anytime.

I’m currently preaching through the Gospel of John and Micah. Listen online or subscribe to the podcast to get them automatically.