Christopher Chelpka


My reading log represents some of my interests. And here are a few of the learning adventures I’m on right now:

  • Improve my learning and teaching skills through a better understanding and practice of the Virtuous Cycle of Learning. Getting help from this Lectica course.

  • Complete Module 1 of Moss Method for Greek. See my progress.

  • Learn how to create and describe the fundamental knowledge required to align and motivate teamwork. Getting help from this leadership course.

  • Master the fundamentals of American Cursive. Read the blogchain.

I also learn by teaching. Here are the current courses you can join.

  • Essential Questions is a Sunday morning group fitness class for your soul. We work together as a class and in small groups through bite-sized pieces of the Christian faith in a fun and interactive way. Lots of Bible and the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Join the course anytime.

  • Men’s Bible Study: 1 Corinthians is exactly what it sounds like. We are working carefully through this improtant letter. We meet in my home a couple times a month. Contact me if you want to come. “Passionate. Imposing. These are two words that aptly describe the two epistles of Paul to the church in Corinth. First and Second Corinthians are attractive and winning. But they are also formidable and even foreign.” — Guy Prentiss Waters

I’m currently preaching through the Gospel of John and Genesis. Listen online. Or subscribe to the podcast to get them automatically.