This now page was updated on January 11, 2018. I microblog about new updates when I shift my focus.

Here’s What I’m Doing Now

Because of my amazing church, I’m on a one-week study leave listening to some really smart theologians teach on the Trinity.

I’m also researching the office of deacon. I want to understand the theological and historical underpinnings of the Reformed view(s?) and how it compares with other expressions of the diaconate. I’m praying that this work will bless our church, and maybe other churches, as we prepare fo the installation of new deacons later this year.

Also started Module 1 of The Moss Method for Greek.

10 Sites I’m Reading

AEIAlan JacobsThe AppademicArizona Public MediaCal NewportCloud of WitnessessComment MagazineMacStoriesThe Scriptorium DailySeth Godin

5 Sites I’m Listening to or Watching

Conversations with Bill KristolDaily Dose of HebrewEmpowered ParentLatinPerDiemMars Hill Audio Journal

Then (Previous Updates)


  • on vacation practicing cello, taking extra good care of my body, and spending extra time with my family.
  • creating headspace for the coming months by catching up on family finances, cleaning my study, and getting rid of clutter in my life—time clutter and space clutter.
  • walking through the Gospel of Mark with my daughter and her friend. We’re using Christianity Explored. So rewarding!
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