@nathanrhale God’s beautiful creation. Where is this?

@Stevsmit You bet. We just finished dinner and about to watch a Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1.

@bix Wow! Thanks!

@ReaderJohn 😂 I’m glad for the discussion!

@numericcitizen I serve on some small teams and use Notion to give each one a shared workspace. Each workspace has a set of resource documents that guide our work (e.g. How to Do X, Mission, Team Directory) and a Kanban board or checklist to track our work.

@mwerickson Have you found anything you’re excited about?

@mwerickson It’s hard to know what practices to be working on unless the group has a clear sense of its mission. Though aimed at business, Donald Miller’s course on mission statement and guiding principles has helped me learn how to align these things better than anything else.

@nathanrhale looking good!

@ChrisJWilson They are unreadable right now except by me. I’ll let you know if I get them into a more shareable form.

@macgenie Me too! 😆

@ChrisJWilson I wanted to hear what he‘d say about leadership, especially re: coaching/mentoring for my own work as a pastor. I wasn’t disappointed!

@craigmcclellan Congratulations! 🎉 ❤️

@nathanrhale You should definitely try Presbyterian. The Nicotine Theolofical Journal might be a good place to start.

@NTKF So cute!

@hollyhoneychurch I think I can say that they like to be together. Our dogs would love to play, but the cats run away when they try. And yet, feline curiousity is strong.

@JMaxB I’d like read about this. Is there something short I could start with?

@ChrisJWilson Thanks!

@mwerickson Thank you. So encouraging.

@JMaxB I went a little crazy bought three more turkeys yesterday; so I’ll give it a try!

@JMaxB If I could use the bones to make a soup, well, that’d be souper! How do I do that?

@lmullen 😂

@mwerickson Love this. Thanks for sharing it.

@nathanrhale There’s no recording, but @Austin_britton can tell you everything I know. 😀 I’m also starting an online reading group next week. We’re gonna go through Michael Horton’s Pilgrim Theology. It’d be cool if you joined.

@tgray we’ve got cats. This is perfect.

@austin_britton what part of town are you moving to?