📕 You can now get a PDF of the Trinity Psalter Hymnal. Very handy.

🌴 I’ve seen prickly pear growing out of rain gutters before but never on the side of a palm tree.

Prickly pear growing on the side of a palm tree

📚 In another translation gift from David Noe, Beza writes a fervent letter to a Polish prince about the Trinity and against those who were leading people astray.

🧘‍♂️ Mindfulness is Loaded with (Troubling) Metaphysical Assumptions by Sahanika Ratnayake is spot on. Ed Clowney wouldn’t disagree, and he goes further by explaining how the metaphysical support for the (good) assumptions Ratnayake makes is found in Christian theology.

🎯 Kevin Vanhoozer explains the goal of doctrine:

The goal of doctrine is to help people understand the story of which they are a part—the drama of redemption—so well that they know what to say and do to correspond and continue it, even though the cultural scenery has changed.

📚 Finished: Scaling Leadership by Robert Anderson and William Adams. It’s very similar to Mastering Leadership and better in a few ways.

🤔 Think about this: Jesus is one person with two natures. You can understand what that means by considering how the Bible says Jesus knows or doesn’t know certain things.

📚 Kevin Vanhoozer has a lot of great ways of explaining the connection between doctrine and discipleship in his new book for pastors. Loved it.

Me and my sweetie. ❤️

When it Rains it Pours

A nervous exit into a parking lot and now we are standing on the side of Ft. Lowell Rd. It only rained for a few minutes, but now the road is a river. Cars are dying and getting stuck and the tow trucks are circling like sharks. Well, helpful sharks. This part of Tucson needs some rainwater harvesting infrastructure bad.