📚 Kevin Vanhoozer has a lot of great ways of explaining the connection between doctrine and discipleship in his new book for pastors. Loved it.

Me and my sweetie. ❤️

When it Rains it Pours

A nervous exit into a parking lot and now we are standing on the side of Ft. Lowell Rd. It only rained for a few minutes, but now the road is a river. Cars are dying and getting stuck and the tow trucks are circling like sharks. Well, helpful sharks. This part of Tucson needs some rainwater harvesting infrastructure bad.

💯 I’m trying to help someone very special to me level up as a freelance professional. So I took Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course. He makes a lot of great points. It was a helpful, clarifying, and encouraging introduction.

📚 I wanted to read a book of poetry on my vacation. So glad I chose Nine Horses by Billy Collins. Now I think I’m going to see how much progress I can make in his online class over the next few days.

📚 I read Andrew Thomson’s bio of Thomas Boston. Boston was zealous in man-fishing, intimate with God, loving toward family and flock, persevering in learning, and patient in trials. Few have influenced my life and ministry as much as Boston, and I’ve still a lot to learn.

😲 I can’t believe how easy it was for our dachshund to blast up and down this steep hill. He did the full trip about ten times in a row!

🔊📚 Finished listening to another amazing Laura Ingalls Wilder book, On the Banks of Plum Creek.

📚 Finished reading Mastering Leadership by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams

😋 My son is harvesting our grapes today. Look at this juicy bunch!

bunch of grapes