⍟ If you are looking for ways to improve your teaching, check out my little guide called Links for Improving Your Teaching. I added new links and revised it yesterday; so if you’ve seen it before and found it helpful, it’s worth another look.

Conversations on Focus and Distraction

Here are three thoughtful conversations about focus and distraction. They approach the subject from different angles; all are worth listening to.

I had some trouble getting the right links to share with you. Hopefully they will work. If not, search the web using the information below. You’ll be able to find them.

⍟ Seth Godin’s Avacado Principles are ripe and ready to use. 🥑

⍟ It’s probably true.

a sign in Tucson touting Tucson's great Mexican food.

⍟ Will and Lee brought down the house at the Tucson Folk Festival this afternoon! This is how they started the show. Check out youngmacdonaldband.com to see where they’re playing next.

5,860 Households

According to the Post Office, there are 5,860 households within a half-mile of the church I pastor. If I introduced myself to 10 a week, it would take me more than 11 years to meet them all.

UPDATE: I’m not discouraged, just getting some perspective. I think these numbers lead to a lot of interesting questions.

⍟ Lots of beautiful bells.

many bells hanging from a frame

⍟ What would be a great set of classic texts to read on the doctrine of the Trinity? Fred Sanders gives his answer in this annotated reading list.

Appreciate Worship to Participate in Worship

When you understand what worship is, it’s easier to be active and truly present in worship.

Like learning the rules of baseball before you go to your first game, learning why we worship the way we do can help you better appreciate and participate in what’s going on. Conversely, not knowing can make the experience boring and even frustrating.

So if you want to be more present in worship, take some time to learn about worship.

There are some things on my Recommending Page you can read. And I preached a sermon last Sunday to get you going in the right direction. Give it listen.

⍟ Giant butterfly at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

Giant butterfly public art sculpture at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park