🇺🇸📚 Watched fireworks from the roof tonight with my kids and read some pieces in What So Proudly We Hail, a superb anthology on what it means to be American. Get yourself a copy! And happy 4th!

🦞 Celebrate crawdads!

🐾 Watching the ground squirrels from the window in my study.


💪🏻 I met and passed my goal of 40 push-ups. It was easier than I thought it would be; the encouragement helped. Thanks!

⛺️ The first campground was full. The second had one old man camping in his van and a zillion frogs. Still, we pitched the tent, that is until @dellachelpkaart nearly stepped on a rattler. “Lot of them out here,” the old man told us. Our final campsite was a La Quinta. So comfy!


📚🔈 My family and I finished listening to The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. What an amazing story.

💪🏻 A week ago, I could only do 26 pushups spread out over three sets. Today, I did 36. I’m surprised how fast that happened! I’m almost at my goal of 40.

⏸ Let’s just stand here for a moment.

💌 I updated my Now Page yesterday. And if you want the extended play version, subscribe to my (relaunched) newsletter. It’s written and sent with love.